Thule Evo Wing Bar product code: 7111 / 7112 / 7113 / 7114 / 7115

Bar length 108/118/127/135/150cm
Maximum load capacity 100kg
Colour Brushed aluminium silver

Thule Evo WingBar: The most silent and safe load bar available in silver. The Thule WingBar evo is a brushed aluminium bar similarly shaped to an aircraft wing providing aero dynamics that reduce wind noise and minimal impact on fuel consumption. The Silver Evo WingBar is available in 1108mm (7111) / 1196mm (7112) / 1270mm (7113) / 1350mm (7114) / 1500mm (7115) lengths.

Contact us for the correct fitment set up for your vehicle.

  • Smoothly arched for a slim fit.
  • Excellent aerodynamic properties.
  • WindDiffuser technology disturbs airflow to reduce noise and drag for improved fuel economy.
  • Trail Edge™ for reduced air resistance.
  • Equipped with T-tracks - an ingenious feature with great benefits.
  • Load accessories are easily slid into the track with no need to cut rubber inserts. The full length of the load bar can be used, making more space for attaching several accessories.
  • BoxBeam internal structure creates an exceptionally strong load bar.
  • (Price does not include feet or kits).
  • Price listed includes a set of 2 bars.