Gear4gear Universal Soft Roof Rack product code: CL-USSR - ECONO


Universal Soft Roof Rack Econo: If you cant find or afford a traditional roof rack to fit your car, or wanting something that will fit a multitude of vehicles ? this is a great option. Fits virtually any 4-door car, as long as no roof rails in the way.

No hassle of inflating etc ? store in the boot in its convenient carry bag and put on when needed.

Great for transporting odd sized things you bought from the shop and want to get home ? like a piece of timber from the hardware store.

Non-slip pieces underneath prevents it from shifting and damaging paint-work of the car. Ensure surface is clean however before installing. Also always check condition of the webbing strap to ensure it is not starting to fray.

The Soft Rack Econo doesn't have the re-enforcing aluminium tubes embeded within the foam like the Standard USRR ? so is for lighter loads such as: SUP's, Surfboards, Fishing-rods.
The Universal Soft Roof Rack Econo comes as a set of two pieces.