Saris Bones product code: 801BL

Capacity 3 bicycles
Weight 5kg
Maximum load 45kg
Single bike max load 16kg
Colour Black

Saris reckon that the Bones is "The World's best selling rear rack" - it's sold in over 30 countries. This is very likely - it's definitely one of the best designed rear-door-fitting racks from the point of view of ease of fitting and use, and it must fit as wide a range of vehicles as any on the market. it's also uniquely stylish and individual.

The Saris Bones 3 will carry three bikes safely on the majority of hatchbacks, estates, MPVs & saloons, using three straps per side - top, bottom and middle - to hold the carrier stable and firm. it's very quick and easy to set up and to fold flat again when not in use. The anti-sway straps, a Saris exclusive, make a real difference, and holding the bikes at different heights should also help prevent important components from rubbing against each other.

  • Carries 3 bikes (16 kg’s/bike).
  • Spring buckle straps with vinyl-coated hooks.
  • Strongest frame on the market.
  • Built with 100% recyclable materials.
  • Rust-free injection molded plastic.
  • Articulated rubber feet to protect paint.
  • Ratcheting anti-sway straps for a secure hold.
  • Arc–based design separates bikes on different levels.
  • Frame fits over most spoilers.
  • Available in black only.
  • Compatible with most vehicles—consult the Saris Fit.
  • Guide for approved fits.
  • Meets European Union regulations.
  • Lightweight at 5kg’s.