Holdfast Hanging Rack 4 Bike product code: 221300

Weight 10kg
Dimensions 94 x 29 x 10cm

The Holdfast SA2018 is the new and improved version of the old and faithful SA2000 4 bike rear mounted carrier that's stood the test of time. Durable and super strong. The racks will accommodate standard MTB bikes and road bikes of various sizes as long as you have a cross bar wide enough for the bikes to slide over the arms of the rack. You can also use the accessory #22098U - Universal Adaptor to assist with fitment of ladies bikes etc. The SA2018 fits to a conventional towbar, a bracket is permanently fitted sandwiched between the drop plate and the towball, the bike rack then slots into the bracket leaving the vehicle towball free for towing. Proudly made in RSA

  • Mounts onto base plate.
  • Supplied with lasso and cam strap for securing bikes.
  • Supports most frames.
  • Can be made gooseneck compatible by replacing base plate (220960).