Bike Racks

Sometimes, it’s necessary to drive in order to ride your bike, which typically makes a bike rack essential. There are multiple bike rack styles available, but with so many different options on the market, how do you decide which is best for you?

Deciding what type of bike carrier to buy depends on how many bikes you want to carry, what they weigh, how tall you are, and what type of car you have.

Lifting any weight of bike onto a car roof could be out of the question if you’re of average height and driving a big SUV or 4x4. There are two places to carry bikes: (1) on the car roof, and (2) behind the car, either on a tow bar, or strapped to the boot or tailgate.

Need even more space?

You are in the market for bike racks because you have bought yourself a new steed and taking the wheels off and struggling to get your bike into the back seat or boot of your car is more than a challenge especially if you have a young family who also want to come along with you! Also grease and oil on the seats is not what you want!

Well, there are products that combined with your bike rack will also help you load up the luggage leaving plenty of space for the family so everyone is happy.

Choose from a range of roof boxes and baskets that can be fitted to your vehicles roof cross bars, if you have a roof bar mounted bike rack there are slim-line roof boxes that will allow you to carry both bike and box.

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