Thule Round Trip Pro XT product code: 100505

Weight 8.6kg
Dimensions 126cm x 29.9cm x 89cm (outer) 124cm x 28cm x 85cm (inner).
Capacity 1 bicycle.

The Thule RoundTrip Pro XT 100505 Soft shell bike cases with integrated bike assembly stand makes traveling with your bike simple. Updated exterior design with blue touch points and new panel accents.

Designed to carry most road, mountain and cyclecross bikes with a maximum wheel base of 116.8cm. Easy Storage. The soft shelled bike case can be easily stored by removing the Ripstop-Nylon shell. Once the nylon shell has been removed the bag can then be collapsed on itself making it significantly smaller and easy to put away.

  • Integrated bike holder and assembly stand that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble your bike.
  • Integrated wheels and handles for easy transport and manoeuvrability.
  • Lightweight and easy to store with folding and removable protective side panels and collapsible frame.
  • Protects bike during transport, thanks to rugged nylon shell that expands around aluminium Click-Rail.
  • Thru axle adapters for 15mm and 20mm axles included.
  • Nylon wheel bags prevent frame and wheel contact.
  • Fits most road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes.