Holdfast Thunderbolt product code: 220405

Length 123cm
Width 10cm
Weight 1.5kg

The Holdfast Thunderbolt is basically a thru axle mount attached to a simple track base that the bike sits on, the front wheel of your bicycle is removed and the bicycle fork is secured to the thru axle fitting using the shaft of your bikes axle and the rear wheel is secured using a webbed buckle strap.

If your bike has a conventional old type skewer axle where the front wheel is loosened and removed along with the bikes axle you can purchase the Holdfast quick release adaptor that fits to the Thunderbolt thru axle mount (part number 220406). The Thunderbolt allows you to transport bikes of various wheel base lengths.

  • Roof rack mounted carrier For 15mm through axle mountain bikes (optional quick release adaptor 220406 is available). Perfect for bikes with sensitive frames. Can be mounted onto trailers